Don’t move Confederate monument to Veterans Park, council says

MANATEE COUNTY – A Confederate monument removed this summer from the Manatee County courthouse grounds should not be relocated to Veterans Monument Park, the Manatee County Veterans Council says.

In a recent letter to County Commission Chairwoman Betsy Benac, Veterans Council Chairman Carl Hunsinger wrote that the organization representing about 40,000 veterans had “a number of spirited discussions” regarding the fate of the controversial monument.

Across the South, many communities are debating the appropriateness of maintaining statues and other memorials honoring the Confederacy, which fought federal forces in the Civil War and lost. To many Americans, that war was a failed effort by the South to perpetuate slavery.

“With the contentious nature of this issue, we believe there is significant risk of damage to the present monuments, plaques, etc. contained within Veterans Park should the Confederate statue be relocated there,” Hunsinger stated…

Source: Don’t move Confederate monument to Veterans Park, council says


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