FireArm Friday2: Hipocrisy In Action

Democrats War on Guns

The Political Left’s True Colors When it Comes to Self Defense

Ft Collins, CO –-( “There are no longer ‘liberals,’ nor ‘progressives,’ just Communists, in varying shades of red.” ~ Marshall

It’s not so much what leftists say, but what they do when forced to reveal themselves for what they really are, that their true colors become obvious.

Some, with a straight face, even claim to “support” our Second Amendment, but that lie is starkly revealed the instant they acquire any kind of political power!


Democrats are now lining up to oppose concealed-carry reciprocity, just as they (without exception) opposed legal concealed carry (that we now take for granted) in the first place.

Leftists in political power continue to insist that it is our civic duty to be weak, defenseless, and easy victims for violent criminals.

Accordingly, attorneys general from seventeen states, including NY, PA, and CA, every one a Democrat, are calling on Congress to oppose all legislation that would allow concealed-carry gun permits issued in one state to be honored in all states.

In their letter to congressional leaders, they say such legislation, “… will lead to the death of police officers and civilians, proliferation of gun-traffickers, acts of terrorism, and other mass violence.”

These sleazy liars said all those exact, same things when concealed carry was first passed in every state where it has been passed. None of those “blood in the streets” dire predictions ever came true. In fact, violent crime is down in every state that has passed “shall-issue” concealed carry…

Source: The Political Left’s True Colors When it Comes to Self Defense

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