How The American State Grooms Us For Perpetual War With Russia

Ask the average American public school product to find North Korea, Iran, Syria, or any of the other nations atop America’s hit list of the moment on a globe or a map, and you’re likely to discover that the same State-programmed children and adults most likely to cheer endless American military intervention around the globe are also quite ignorant as to exactly what a globe is.

This is no accident.

The same State-managed “education” system that has moved America away from the strict “avoid foreign entanglements” attitude that propelled the nation to the place of great freedom and prosperity that it enjoyed before World War 1 is the same “educational” system that has successfully programmed generations of Americans to worship and obey the American State in spite of any and all objective historical, economic, or strategic facts that might lead them in another direction.

This is why Americans have been deliberately programmed with increasingly weak, watery, and downright destructive counterfeits of history, economics, and civics. Put another way: Common Core is not “the problem”. It’s just another predictable step down a path that we started down looooooong ago when we decided that the American State should mold the minds of …

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