How To Tell When Someone Truly Loves America (Hint: Mark 1:15)

With all the talk, pressure, and propaganda flying around these days on the subject of what it means to properly love or respect America, this seems like a good time to consider the question: How can we tell when someone truly loves America? And how can we know when someone, regardless of what they say or sing, actually hates America?

Our starting point in answering these sorts of questions is critical.

If we start with America as defined by Americans, emotions, traditions, or the American State, then we’re building on quicksand and will not construct anything that can stand for long in God’s creation. (See: our current culture. For more on this, please read Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

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Only when we begin with God’s Nature as revealed in His Word are we able to properly answer these important questions and in a manner that will allow us to lead our culture out of its present darkness and into the life-giving light of Truth.

So we must begin with God.

Not America.

This is important.

With our starting point rightly set, we’re able to quickly find many detailed reference points …

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