John Piper Praises Lecrae for Leaving Evangelicalism and Embracing Black Liberation Theology

TLDR version:

Rapper Lecrae gave an interview to Truth’s Table podcast to announce his “divorce from white evangelicalism.”  In the interview, he talks about his “soul journey” and “racial identity development work” over the past couple years, his new respect for the murderous Black Panthers, and his embracing of Black Liberation Theology. He praises Dr. Christena Cleveland for setting him off on his new spiritual path.

Who is Christena Cleveland?  She’s a Black/Feminist/Queer Liberation Theology professor who says God is a woman, and the Virgin Mary was a “badass womanist liberation theologian.”  She also says that the black thugs hurling Molotov cocktails at the police in Ferguson a few years ago were “imaging the justice of God.”

That’s the person whose spiritual insights Lecrae credits for his new path in life.  And what does John Piper say about all this?  After all, Piper and Lecrae have been very close in the past.  You’d think John Piper would be deeply troubled.  But on the contrary, Piper says that after listening to the interview, he’s “thankful” and “hopeful” for Lecrae’s new direction, because unlike some young black men frustrated at how hateful white Christians are, Lecrae didn’t throw “the brown baby of …

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