Lessons For Texas Sovereignty From the East

Many Texans don’t follow the news out of Taiwan, but those of us interested in Texas’ sovereignty should take note. Throughout its complex recent history, Taiwan has been a territory of Japan, a refuge for the losing democratic factions of a civil war, and a free state within the communist People’s Republic of China. By deliberately pursuing a policy of ambiguity, not claiming to be part of the People’s Republic, claiming at the same time to be the “true” China, and not declaring political independence, Taiwan has avoided outright war and somewhat satisfied its rival internal political factions.

President Tsai Ing-wen spoke on Tuesday during the Taiwan National Day celebration. Tsai affirmed the Taiwanese government’s commitment to “remember democracy and freedom were rights obtained through all of Taiwan people’s countless efforts. Therefore, we need to use all our power to defend Taiwan’s democratic and freedom values and lifestyle,” she said.

While the central government of Taiwan does not seek political independence and the likely war with China that would result, given their history of mutual hostility, the government recognizes the right of the people to determine their own political future. Even though there are no immediate plans for an independence …

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