No Justice

American Free Press – A district judge appointed by Obama has ruled a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy permanently injured during a Black Lives Matter melee can’t sue the organization or its leaders because the radical group is a “social movement” and its leaders were only expressing their rights to free speech when they rallied the crowds into chaos. 

By John Friend

In the wake of a string of violent and all too often fatal attacks on police officers across the country last year—attacks that were instigated by radical activists, subversive leftist organizations, and an entirely dishonest mainstream mass media—two separate lawsuits were filed on behalf of American law enforcement officials charging Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its top leaders with inciting, encouraging, and justifying the violence leveled against police.

In late September, however, a federal judge appointed by President Barack Obama shot down one of those suits, claiming that the group and its leaders cannot be sued because they are part of “a social movement” and are, ironically, engaging in free speech that is protected by the Constitution….

Source: No Justice – American Free Press

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