Removing monument from Travis Park cost more than a Quarter Mil

San Antonio – The numbers are in: $258,680 of your taxpayer dollars were used to remove the Confederate monument in Travis Park.

That total doesn’t sit well with certain city councilmembers. Some say that they were misled before voting to remove the statue last month.

A memo sent to city officials on Monday tallies up all the expenses associated with the removal of the Confederate statue.

It shows a $147,775 cost for a third-party company to remove and transport the monument, a $103,809 charge for SAPD staffing including officer overtime, fencing, barricades, and surveillance cameras. Finally, it includes a $7,096 charge for replanting costs.

A couple of councilmembers say that they didn’t anticipate the added security costs, which nearly equal the cost to move two cannons and a Confederate monument from Travis Park.

“It was a direct result of the police staffing and the way this entire removal was handled that we did not have events like you’ve seen in other parts of the country,” said Jeff Coyle, director of government and public affairs for the City of San Antonio…

Source: Removing Confederate monument from Travis Park cost more than $250K |

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