The Constitution Grants No Rights

This week I wrote a Letter to the Editor of our local propaganda outlet (The Gainesville Sun) in response to a letter from someone who demonstrated no understanding of freedom or of human rights.
I share it below:
The Gainesville Sun recently published a letter to the editor that was terribly flawed and ignorant, if not deliberately deceptive. The letter was an argument against gun rights.
First, the author presents “freedom” as a zero-sum game, stating: “Trouble is one freedom always cancels some other freedom.” That is a ludicrous statement and manifests a total misunderstanding of what constitutes freedom. My exercise of freedom does not diminish anyone else’s exercise of freedom, unless one completely distorts the meaning of “freedom”. But I’ll not dwell upon that obvious fallacy here.
The author of the letter goes on to say: “Our Constitution grants the right to own guns but not the right to not be shot.” I have to wonder, has the author read the Constitution? Has he read the Second Amendment? Does he perhaps have some problem with basic language comprehension?
The Second Amendment grants no right! It recognizes a preexisting right – a God-given right – or if

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