The Liberal Wage Deficit

NEW YORK—Wherever you stand on the Wetback Issue, you’re no longer allowed to say the following sentence:

“Mexicans only take the dirty jobs that Americans won’t do.”

I’ve been hearing this for thirty years. Enough. It’s not only untrue, it’s so easily disproven that you don’t need Keynesian economics or Milton Friedman economics or even the economics they taught in that glossy college freshman textbook that had the hokey supply-and-demand graphs in it. You can basically blow this out of the water with Pre-Kindergarten Economics.

Principle Numero Uno: If there aren’t any Mexicans to pick the lettuce, that doesn’t mean the owner of the crop lets the lettuce rot in the field.

What happens is one of two things:

A. The cost of picking the lettuce goes up. Instead of paying the Mexicans a dollar an hour, you pay some local rednecks two dollars an hour.

Or, much more likely…

B. You hire some Americans that you normally wouldn’t hire because they’re a pain in the ass to work with.

For example, I have a friend who’s a United States marshal, and one of his duties is to work with people in the federal Witness Protection Program. …

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