The Putin Option

Establishment cuckservative Rod Dreher has made a name for himself advocating the “Benedict Option” for social conservatives, which advocates a withdrawal from the mainstream and the creation of our own traditional counterculture. A close corollary to the Benedict Option for identitarians is the “Fifth Political Theory” or the NRx inspired concept of “Passivism” which, while both are different and unique in many ways, also eschew political activism and advocate some variation of disengagement from the system with a corresponding focus on creating our own society.

An extreme opposite of the Benedict Option would be the concept of secession accomplished through an armed uprising and the creation of a new ethnostate for our people. Southern Nationalists are mostly drawn to the latter in the context of a new Southern nation which closely follows what occurred before and during the War Between The States. White Nationalists long for something similar but based on White Identity, with such a thing being romanticized in writings such as Harold Convington’s Northwest Novels. I hate to be a wet blanket but there are many problems with this scenario.

If you ever look into the tactical capabilities of law enforcement, you

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