Virginia Bans Electronic Voting Machines

Mark Anderson on American Free Press – Other states re-evaluating easily hacked machines, considering paper ballots

Thankfully, the days of those way-too easily hackable electronic voting machines may soon be coming to an end. For over a decade, AFP has been reporting on how easy it is to hack the computerized voting systems that have spread across the country. Now, two states are moving to ban them, citing charges of vote-stealing, frequent malfunctions, and lack of a verifiable paper trail as the reasons for terminating their programs.

In Virginia, election officials do not need to be convinced that electronic voting machines are upsetting the democratic process. On Sept. 8, with media coverage largely limited to local and regional outlets, “The Virginia Department of Elections called for the immediate decertification of [electronic] voting equipment in Virginia, and the State Board of Elections approved the request in an effort to increase the security and integrity of Virginia’s voting systems ahead of the November [2017] election,” state election official Andrea Gaines announced in a news release…

Source: Virginia Bans Electronic Voting Machines – American Free Press

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