Whites Have No Spiritual Home but the One We Build

Whites Should Not Seek Belonging in Orthodoxy
Rome Is Not the White Man’s Home
There Is No Place in the Alt Right for Mormonism
Islam Is No Mecca for White People
Ancient Aryan Religion Is Not the Way Home
Ancient European Religions Do Not Have a Place for Whites
500 Years Later, Protestants Again Exiled

In this series thus far we’ve surveyed many major religions in order to ascertain whether any of them had major institutions that would provide for the spiritual and practical needs of pro-white people. To put it another way, is there a religious institution we could all walk into, become active members of, and not get purged from in a wave of anti-white fervor?

Without exception, no such organization exists in North America. I can’t recommend joining this or that church for purposes of finding community and spiritual fellowship. Unfortunately, there is no major religious body willing to accept and support us. This of course is hugely hypocritical, since all of these religious groups bend over backwards to cater to the incessant, unreasonable demands of degenerate sodomites, whining black activists, and more. But such behavior is not hypocritical when we accept the fact that the underlying …

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