Amazing Disgrace

JAMES EDWARDS – When Roy Moore is elected to the United States Senate next month the biggest enemies facing white Christians in the South (the media, establishment GOP, and the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention) will be reminded once again of how little power they have in places like Alabama.

I have seen craven cowards in the Southern Baptist Convention like Russell Moore and Al Mohler go on anti-Christ CNN in recent days to condemn Roy Moore because of unproven accusations, while they support the current SBC president who permitted an admitted child abuser to serve in his children’s ministry until the press found out.

As someone commented to me recently on Twitter, the biggest problem is that they’re adhering to the language of their opponents, in essence allowing them to dictate the rules of what they can say and do. The perception is that the SBC is taking the high road. The reality is that they’re bending over. These so-called “leaders” love being pat on the head for their continued subservience. There is nothing they crave more than being told that the world accepts them.

It reminded me of a magazine article that detailed the rise of Alt-Right Christianity.It’s long, but well worth your time…

Source: Amazing Disgrace – JAMES EDWARDS

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