anti-Southerners, Kudzu & Gettin’ Stoopid in Charlottesville

Knitted kudzu vines briefly decorated Confederate statue

(In some states Kudzu propagation is is a felony. – Ed.)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — A statue in Charlottesville was covered with knitted kudzu on Thursday morning, thanks to a group of local knitters.

The Kudzu Project, which is described as a “guerrilla art installation,” was installed on the Confederate soldier statue outside the courthouse just before dawn.

Someone then removed the display, leaving one strand of the kudzu leaves on the statue’s rifle.

According to a release, a sign placed on the base of the statue explaining the project said kudzu is linked to romantic notions about the past and revisionist Civil War history.

It also says kudzu tends to grow on things that are abandoned or no longer relevant, and the sign asked if the statues serve a purpose now.

More than 30 knitters in the mid-Atlantic region contributed to this project by distributing the idea and instructions through their knitting networks.

A website for the group also offers a suggestion on what to do with Confederate statues if a lawsuit preventing their removal, which is currently working its way through the local court system, is successful…

Source: Knitted kudzu vines briefly decorated Confederate statue

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