Confederate monuments honor sacrifice

R. Kevin Stone – As the descendants of Confederate veterans who fought and died in the war of 1861-1865, we are horrified and dismayed that the legacy of our ancestors is now being not only tarnished, but destroyed. Our own governor has called for the removal of Confederate monuments and memorials across the state of North Carolina and has specifically targeted the three Confederate memorials on our Capitol grounds, including one dedicated to the women of North Carolina.

Since the ugliness that happened in Charlottesville, Confederate history and heritage has been under non-stop attack. Some more moderate opponents of Confederate heritage say they want the memorials “moved to museums” where they can be interpreted in their “proper context.” Other more radical opponents simply want them, and anything “Southern” or Confederate wiped entirely from the face of the earth.

For instance, on an August night in Durham, a mob organized by the Communist Workers’ World Party took the law into their own hands and struck down the Durham County Confederate memorial while police stood by. The real reason for this movement and these proposals has nothing to do with finding a better or more appropriate place for the targeted monuments…

Source: Confederate monuments honor sacrifice – Daily Advance

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