Delaware Police Unveil Newest Security Cameras, But Citizens Revolt As Rights Questioned

Civil rights groups fear a citizen's revolution over "profiling" and "misuse of data" questions.

Civil rights groups fear a citizen’s revolution over “profiling” and “misuse of data” questions.

Delaware police cruisers are being  equipped with a “dashcam on steroids.” Able to read license plates and identify faces, police call the upgraded security cameras an “extra set of eyes.” As the newest technology is unveiled, civil rights groups fear a citizen’s revolution over “profiling” and “misuse of data” questions.

“Smart” cameras hooked up with artificial intelligence are being rolled out with the goal of helping police recognize fugitives, missing children, and wandering seniors. According to David Hinojosa, “the video feeds will be analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify vehicles by license plate or other features,” he says. “We are helping officers keep their focus on their jobs.” His company, Coban Technologies, is installing the cutting edge equipment.

The Coban system acts as “a digital evidence hub” that can “consolidate digital evidence from multiple sources, including up to six HD quality cameras, body cameras, and other sources.” With FOCUS H1, the system allows third-party applications to “identify a wide range of objects, such as vehicle make and model, faces, weapons, dangerous movements or behaviors, and other artificial intelligence based applications.”

One of Hinojosa’s competitors, …

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