Dixianism Core Beliefs: A Proposal

This is an updated version of the tenets of Dixianism as previously introduced and incorporates the definition of Dixian People as previously defined. It is meant to be a positions statement on the “must haves” for our enduring existence and prosperity as a people. I have attempted to avoid secondary (and often the most divisive within the movement) beliefs. This is intended to provide a foundation (perhaps not yet complete) on which secondary positions may later be constructed using these as premises. Most readers will probably notice that this statement has much in common with the Tennessee Statement and the League of the South core beliefs statement.

Dixians as a People

  • We present ourselves as a distinct nation and ethnic group before the nations of the world and call for ethnic pride and solidarity among our fellow Dixians.
  • We define ourselves, the Dixian people, thus:
    • Also called Southerners (esp. when affixed with “unreconstructed”), Southern people, Dixians, Dixie people, Dixie nation, Confederates, Anglo-Celtic core South. A Christian nation and ethnic group native to Dixie, biologically descended primarily from the British and Scots-Irish peoples who settled the region during the Colonial Period and Plantation Era, who remain distinct from other

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(The opinions in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Southern Nation News or SN.O.)

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