FireArm Friday: Drawing or Brandishing?

When Is It Justified To Draw Your Firearm?

Alien Gear Holsters Blog – If you’re going to carry a gun in order to possibly defend yourself with it if necessary, it behooves a person to know when and how to do so in accordance with the law. In other words, when can you pull a gun on someone if they are threatening you?

Every concealed carrier should be aware that they are responsible for their actions, no matter how justified they believed their actions to be. Drawing a gun is an act of lethal force, as doing so denotes lethal intent. Therefore, drawing a pistol requires justifiable conditions for doing so.

Bear in mind that this is not legal advice, merely a discussion about the topic of legally drawing a firearm in self defense if need be.

Drawing A Gun Is Always Brandishing – Circumstances Merely Justify It Or Not

The line between justifiably drawing a gun in defense of one’s self and brandishing is a thin one.

How is brandishing defined? Brandishing is displaying a firearm or other weapon to intimidate another person. In other words, if a gun or other weapon is drawn and displayed in such a manner as to intimidate, threaten or otherwise impress upon another person that deadly force is imminent, then that is brandishing. It’s almost guaranteed that getting arrested or worse, convicted of it, will result in a person losing their concealed carry permit and possibly firearms priviledges.

A companion and often lesser charge is “Improper Display of a Firearm,” which is a lesser degree of inappropriate displaying a gun. The exact definition and seriousness of the crime varies (in some jurisdictions it’s a misdemeanor, a felony in others) but it’s still criminally threatening another person…

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