FireArm Friday2: Active Shooters and Self-defense

Active Shooters and Self-defense

The New American – In the wake of the horrific mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, citizens are taking proactive steps to defend themselves. It almost goes without saying now, after yet another church attack, that radicals with murder on their minds consider churchgoers good targets because they appear defenseless — much like kids in schools. But while some church leaders have acknowledged the necessity of armed self-defense, others have not yet taken that step. They should.

The Post Star reported on November 7 about a pastor at the True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York, who noted the lack of preparation to this point and posted on social media about new training that will be given by SWAT team instructors from the City of Buffalo police department. Pastor Darius Pridgen, who is also president of the City Common Council, told WGRZ, “You’re potentially talking about two to three thousand people who are gathered on a Sunday morning, who have no idea about what they would do if there was an active shooter…. And not just churches, I’m concerned about, in our areas but any places where large groups of people gather. Our community centers … is there a protocol set up in our community centers where our children are? It might sound rather facetious, but grocery stores and other places…. We don’t know what’s next.”

“Active shooter” training is becoming much more common for not only people in law enforcement, but also for private citizens who might find themselves in such situations…


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