Fusion Group hired to smear PP sting video maker, Trump, Romney

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One News Now – For years, the group Fusion GPS has been hired by the left to smear high-profile conservatives – including President Donald Trump and former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney – with its latest slander job targeting the maker of the sting video that exposed Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby body parts.

Before it commissioned the Trump dossier, the Fusion GPS “research” firm reportedly targeted a major donor of Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign against former President Barack Obama. It was reported several years ago how Kimberly Strassel exposed the details on how Romney was smeared by the Obama campaign.

“As Ms. Strassel has reported in recent columns, Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot has become the target of a smear campaign since it was disclosed earlier this year that he had donated $1 million to a super PAC supporting Mr. Romney,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote back in May 2012. “President Obama’s campaign website teed him up in April as one of eight ‘less than reputable’ Romney donors and a ‘bitter foe of the gay rights movement.’ One sin: His wife donated to an anti-gay-marriage campaign – of the kind that have passed in 30 or so states.”

It was also noted that a former Democratic Senate staffer contacted the courthouse in VanderSloot’s hometown of Idaho Falls to obtain his divorce records, and Strassel was able to identify the operative as Michael Wolf, who worked for the Washington, D.C.-based Fusion GPS “commercial research firm.”

The connection was not denied when investigative reporting looked into the matter, and in fact, it was asserted that VanderSloot deserved to be slandered.

“Fusion GPS is run by a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Glenn Simpson, who wouldn’t say who is paying him for this high-minded slumming, but said in an email that Mr. VanderSloot was a ‘legitimate’ target because of ‘his record on gay issues,’” Breitbart reported

Source: Group hired to smear PP sting video maker, Trump, Romney

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