It Can Happen Here

How can the country be held together? That’s become a common lament amongst cuckservatives. Their solutions always entail some flavor of nonsense about setting aside identity politics in favor of treating people as individuals integrated within a “proposition nation”. In contrast, the Alt-Right rationally embraces race as the invariable precondition for the sustained existence of any nation. This assertion is demonstrated through history, human nature, and observation of the fatal disaster unfolding around us daily.

Consequently, while cuckservatives delude themselves into thinking that America is salvageable if only the mutually incompatible people residing within its open borders would embrace a set of principles, we do not. This is because when examined from a racial standpoint, it’s clear that this whole rotten thing will fall apart. But, how will that happen?

Popular Support for WN Can’t Yet Be Translated Into Public Presence

First, it’s important to understand that the dismantling of the country can never occur while our Jewish MSM, along with its legal and political system, maintains firm control. This control can’t be shaken by the backlash against increasing anti-white policies and rhetoric. While they have led to a huge increase in popular (mostly anonymous) support for our cause, this

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