No Fiscal Conservatives at the Pentagon

Editors note: This essay by Rep. Duncan resonated with me because I often sit perplexed at modern day societies idol worship of our military. Yes, there are those who serve with honor that deserve thanks but often times it becomes a gotcha game of who is more patriotic. That issue belies the problem explained below by Mr. Duncan that the US Military never really has experienced a spending cut in the modern area. Sure they cut veterans benefits and their Tricare healthcare program but in true dollars, they continue to grow, now up to nearly $700 Billion per year, most of it financed by printing funny money or financing it through debt via China. Ya’all know that China is sitting back waiting for the inevitable implosion to occur. The US spends more on military than all the nations of the world combined annually. Why do we need to grow that anymore?

By Rep. John J. Duncan

Several times over my 29 years in Congress I have wondered whether there are any fiscal conservatives at the Pentagon.
It seems that the Defense Department is just like every other gigantic bureaucracy. When it comes to money, the refrain is always “more, more,

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