Racism Remains Prevalent in Cattle Ranching

I was stunned by the unapologetic racism I encountered at an Angus Bull Auction I recently attended. Organized and sponsored by the South African Angus Society, the livestock at the event were all referred to as “Certified Angus,” and this exclusivist event did not even allow any other races entry into the auction (a lot like apartheid, isn’t it?). Bulls were even graded according to their lineage, those with “superior” ancestors being regarded as superior themselves. According to the racist Beef Magazine, genetics play a decisive role in determining whether cattle qualify for producing “Certified Angus” Beef.

This obsession with Angus Supremacy has even been mainstreamed. The British Cattle Movement Service contributed to ratifying institutional racism by literally naming Angus the UK’s “most popular native beef breed.”

Even Wikipedia, with otherwise very solid progressive credentials, has, on their entry of Angus Cattle, a paragraph on the breed’s so-called characteristics, loaded with explicitly racist content. In the United States Red and Black Angus are even classified as two different “races” based on the color of their skin.

From what I understand, this brand of racism is not unique to the Angus cattle industry. Ranchers and societies representing the different …

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