Scalise Shooting Declared to be an Act of Terrorism Under Virginia Law

So Why is the FBI Confused?

FRC Blog » On October 6th, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Alexandria, Va., announced his findings in a report regarding the use of force by law enforcement officers during the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise (R-La.) and others at a baseball field on June 14, 2017.[i] Bryan L. Porter concluded that the multiple shooting and attempted mass assassination constituted an act of terrorism under Virginia law.

The Porter report is significant because its conclusion stands in sharp contrast to the report offered by two FBI officials at a press conference eight days after the shooting.[ii] Andrew Vale, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, indicated that the shooter acted alone and that there was “no nexus to terrorism.”[iii] He also stated that the agency would be investigating the shooting as an assault on a member of Congress and an assault on a federal officer. No indication was given that a terrorism investigation was being conducted, and the statements made seemed to downplay the shooter’s ideological and political beliefs.

It is important to recall the key facts in the case. Early on the morning of June 14, Rep. Scalise, the Majority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, and numerous other GOP House members and senators were the primary targets of a mass assassination attempt at an Alexandria baseball diamond. Scalise was shot in the hip and nearly died from his wounds. Two other players on the field, not elected officials, were shot and received dangerous wounds. Two United States Capitol Police agents, present as part of the protective detail for Rep. Scalise, were wounded by gunfire—one seriously.[iv] The would-be assassin, James T. Hodgkinson, was killed after being shot three times.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan L. Porter made the following observation about the would-be assassin’s political affiliation and motivations:

Hodgkinson held strong political opinions and was very unhappy about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. He spent a significant amount of time on social media, using it to express his political views, such as his strong support for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign…

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One comment on “Scalise Shooting Declared to be an Act of Terrorism Under Virginia Law
  1. James Owen says:

    The people living in those states north of Virginia, Maryland and the Ohio river, don’t recognise the laws of any states, save their own. And those of California, Oregon and Washington, which were colonised by their kinsmen. To them, James T. Hodgkinson is a hero and true “America® patriot. The ideological beliefs he held are what his fellow countrymen call ” American® values”(read Yankee). Such people’s feelings must never be hurt, nor their cherished beliefs offended. Therefore, nothing will come of this, and the whole matter will be swept under the rug, along with the rights, interests and laws of the people of Virginia.

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