SCV Says No Compromise On Statues

Memphis, TN – Mayor Jim Strickland and the citizens group “Take ’em Down 901″ want to have this statues of Jefferson Davis, and General Nathan Bedford Forrest removed by next April.

The 50th anniversary of the assassination of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

They also want the graves of Forrest and his wife, buried under the statue, moved as well.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans say no way mediation or no mediation.

Lee Millar is a spokesman for Confederate Veterans and for the descendents of General Forrest says ” Our position is the statues and the graves nothing moves.

It’s part of Memphis history part of Tennessee history and we should appreciate everybody’s history so our basic premise is it should stay here.”

Any questions?

The firm, no way Jose stand by Sons of Confederate Veterans doesn’t worry Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. He is a fan of mediation.

He says “Parties often go into negotiations saying I’m not going to budge, but reach compromise at the end of mediation.”

Mediation resulted in agreement over a Memphis Zoo parking plan at Overton Park.
He hopes it will succeed here.”What we’d like to do is come up with an agreement on December 1st.”

Here is the thing about mediation, However; You need to have two sides meeting to come up with one agreement…

Source: Sons Of Confederate Veterans Say No Compromise On Statues

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