Statue of Confederate general Albert Pike stands in limbo

WASHINGTON — Nearly everyone agrees that Albert Pike should go. (NO THEY DON’T. – Ed.)

Pike is the Confederate general memorialized in a 27-foot-tall bronze and marble monument in a busy downtown Washington, D.C., neighborhood filled with local and federal courts and museums just north of the Mall.

That a Confederate general who championed the South’s secession ended up in a place of honor in the middle of the nation’s capital is odd.

But not as strange as the predicament the statue faces.

While communities across the country debate the proper treatment of Confederate statues — a tense issue that triggered summer violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — there is no argument over the Pike statue.

Everyone, from the mayor to the chair of a congressional committee which would have to approve its removal, says it’s fine to take it down.

The problem is that if Congress votes to remove it, no one wants custody. Albert Pike would be homeless. A political hot potato.

Even the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the fraternal organization that commissioned the Pike statue, petitioned Congress for its installation in 1898 and reveres Pike as a hero doesn’t want to accept responsibility for it…

Source: Statue of Confederate general Albert Pike stands in limbo

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