Texas Monthly Warming to Independence

Recently, the fairly Austintatious periodical Texas Monthly did a piece on Texas Independence, and of all the left-of-center press that’s ever covered the topic in my memory, I must say that Texas Monthly almost seemed giddy about the prospect of, if not a Republic of Texas, then at least the open discussion of it.

Why do I say this? Because for the first time that I can remember in which any big Texas rag addressed the issue, the Monthly cited the fact that independence may actually be legal, or at least not illegal. In contrast to dozens of articles over the years from the Houston Chronicle and Austin American-Statesmen, wherein the mere idea of independence is met with open jeers and ridicule, this article was nothing less than a breath of fresh air.

The article was a contrast and comparison of the Catalan secession to that of a possible Texas secession, asking the question, “Can Catalan serve as a model for Texas independence?” Though the academic they interviewed for the piece was a little dismissive of Texas nationalism as largely symbolic (though legal), they also featured an interview with Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel that was fair and respectful! …

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