The Alt Right Won’t Win with Atheism

Fault lines have cut across the Alt Right for years.

For several years at least, those in the Alt Right/pro-white/kinist world have struggled over a definition of its core tenets. The 2016-17 split between the Alt Right and the Alt Lite was one manifestation of this, as those two camps divided over whether ethnic solidarity, or civic patriotism, defined American nationalism. On the one hand were those such as us at, and on the other hand were the likes of Milo, Mike Cernovich, and Paul Joseph Watson.

Prior to this was the divide over whether Jews ought to be defined as potential allies of whites, or identified as our archnemesis. On the one side stood people and organizations like Jared Taylor and the Council of Conservative Citizens. On the other side stood those such as Dr. David Duke and Counter-Currents.

At present the division over the Jewish Question has faded in significance, as members of both factions have allied against the common Leftist foe (and that foe is obviously Jewish). As for the division over ethnonationalism versus civic nationalism, that debate was settled before it even started.

There’s another fault line that runs through the pro-white movement …

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