The Myth of Women’s Oppression

I cackle whenever I hear a female of a Feminist-persuasion claim that women were oppressed throughout history.

Throughout history.” What a claim! Should we limit ourselves to written records then? This period spans approximately two and a half millennia, thousands of years! The most distinguished historians hone in on a specific period and make that the focus of their efforts. Given that decades of research and training are essential to even begin to comment on a particular era.

And what becomes apparent should you delve into a study of history is how dramatically attitudes and customs and structures change: diet, modes of dress, fighting styles, belief-systems, religions, ethics, rules of behavior, acceptance of violence, expressions of love, ideas pertaining to family and children and so on.

To prove the claim that for 4,500 years there existed a continuum of males collectively conspiring together and pooling their efforts for the immense task of subjugating all females would require a degree of scholarship unprecedented and massive in terms of the expenditure of effort and in the coordination of expertise and resources.

A historian whose specialty was the Roman Republic would need to prove, by interrogating the minutiae of the lives

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