The Southland: Anglo-Saxon, Not “Celtic”

One of the peculiarities of Americans is our tendency to latch onto “memes” about our own ethnic origins. The best example of this would be the Irish-American phenomenon, where millions of people who likely have no significant Irish ancestry proclaim that their blood runs green, when they can’t name one county in or historical figure from Ireland. These obnoxious people are understandably hated both by native Irishmen and their actual ethnic kinsmen in America.

In America, whites are denied any sense of ethnic or racial pride, with a few exceptions to white ethnic groups deemed “oppressed” by the progressive zeitgeist. Irish-American culture is loud, vibrant, and not (yet) politically incorrect. We can’t blame deracinated people for trying to find *some* sort of identity. On the other hand, German-Americans are afraid of being called Nazis for not actively hating their own people, even when if their ancestors arrived in America well before the National Socialist ascendancy in Germany. Worse still is the plight of Anglo-Americans, who are truly the forgotten people of America, despite being responsible for a large chunk of our ancestry and all our best traditions.

In the South, many have never considered themselves anything other than Americans. In

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