What I Learned at “Racial Justice” Re-indoctrination Camp

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Several months ago the president of Loyola University Maryland, Brian Linnane, announced to the faculty that he had been thinking a lot about the Baltimore riots that took place two years earlier.  (The riots, you may recall, were a response to the death of a local black drug gangster while in a police van after he had been arrested.  All of the police involved, most of whom were black, were eventually acquitted at trial.  The rioters looted the CVS pharmacies in town, emptying them of oxycodone and other painkillers, then burned them to the ground along with police cars, private homes, and public buildings. The former mayor of Baltimore publicly referred to the rioters as “our children” and instructed the police to stand down and “give them their space” to loot, vandalize, and burn down parts of her city).

In response to all of this the college president decided that what is needed to reduce the likelihood of such events in the future is to put the affluent, mostly white, Loyola University Maryland faculty through a round of cultural Marxist “racial justice” training.  Such language reminded me of Chinese and Vietnamese communist “re-indoctrination camps” where attendees were

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One comment on “What I Learned at “Racial Justice” Re-indoctrination Camp
  1. Dr. JOHN BRUNGER says:

    As a teacher seeking more education, I would attend Federal Reserve Bank training on economics. This was usually training in the guise of a better methodology teaching high school economics. A fine fertile ground to teach teachers the art of deception.

    A good example was teaching about the presentation of an individual’s budget. One topic that never appeared was a discussion on Taxes. I would ask the question, “What about Taxes?” The answer was clear in my mind. The Federal Reserve Bank was not allowed to talk about taxes.

    I don’t know about you, but my biggest budget item is local, state, and federal taxes of all form; including those taxes hidden and not hidden. No wonder we have a captive economic system. RINOs in congress preach about discretionary and mandatory spending and never discuss hidden taxes. The same economic art displayed as discussed in this article about Baltimore. Those blacks living under a different type of government and economy are better served.

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