Who’ll Be Crying In Their Beer?

WASHINGTON — White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders found a clever way to combine two passions — tweaking reporters and supporting big tax cuts — during a recent press briefing.

She laid out a scenario in which 10 reporters had a beer together every day and paid the $100 tab under a mechanism akin to the federal income tax system. Four reporters paid nothing, while the highest-paid journalist kicked in $59. When the bar proprietor decided to cut prices and the scribes calculated how to spread the savings, the highest-paid reporter enjoyed a $10 windfall, the other five journos enjoyed smaller savings, and the four who drank free gained nothing.

“Why should he get $10 back?” nine reporters complained, because they saved far less, or nothing at all.

Sanders’ cautionary tale had laid out how any tax cut should be expected to benefit the wealthy the most because affluent people pay the most taxes. The night after the rest of the pack complained, the top-paid journalist didn’t show, and the remaining nine could not afford their brews.

In 2014, the right-leaning Tax Foundation calculated, the top 1 percent of earners paid 39.5 percent of personal federal income taxes.

According …

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