The Montgomery County Police Reporter stated:

…he saw the suspect vehicle turn under the freeway and start north. He made a u-turn and started to follow it. At the same time calling Montgomery County Sheriff;’s Office to report it.

What he saw next changed his life forever as it did with many others. The truck struck Kendrick Owens and then kept going. Fighting the urge to stop he saw others stopping so he decided to follow the truck and call his locations out to dispatchers.

As he did this, Kendricks friend flagged down help who started assisting Kendrick.

LaBuff followed the truck to 17293 Oak Grove Lane just a few miles up the road. When Javier Correa reached his house and got out of his pickup to go inside, LaBuff says he told Correa he struck a child and Correa denied it.

Read more at the Illegal Alien Crime Report
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