130-Year-Old Iconic Murals Deemed Part Of “Renewed Rise” As Activists Disregard Destruction

John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame was recently inundated with a petition to remove a historical display on campus.

The architecture of the University of Notre Dame has a beautiful historic nature. However, some students and professors have decided certain art pieces are inappropriate, even racist. Current and alumni students have proposed a petition to have twelve murals of Christopher Columbus removed from the main entrance hall of the building on the Indiana campus. Though they are historic pieces which have been a part of the school since 1884, the once adorned art exhibit is now under attack. Some staff members are also protesting the paintings, totaling over 600 signatures.

In the letter, the protesters explain to university president, John Jenkins that the murals send the wrong message “in this era of political divisiveness” because they have recently been determined racist and disrespectful to Native Americans and African Americans. The letter explains that the location of the art pieces aggravate the situation further, as they are one of the first things that visitors and prospective students see when arriving on campus.

Native American students represented most of the signatures from opposing students. Their claim against the Columbus …

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