14 And 13-Years Olds Face Murder Charge After Viral PRANK Goes Horribly Wrong

Lori Olender discusses murder charges for the four teens in this case.

On what should have been just another drive along Interstate 75 in Toledo, a young man was killed by a sandbag tossed off an overpass. The sandbag crash through the window of the car that Marquise Byrd was a passenger in. Byrd was hit in the head and killed. He was 22 years old.

The sandbag did not fall from some random place; it was dropped by a group of teens. It is not clear if they intended to cause an accident, but two cars were crashed that day. Byrd lost his life.

As authorities started to investigate the accident, shocking details emerged about the suspects. Four teens emerged as suspects, and the now face consequences that may change their lives forever. What appears to be a dumb prank may end in prison time for the four teens, who ranged in age from 13 to 14.

Even though they are young teens, the four suspects are facing serious charges. If the accusations are true, these four young men ended the life of another young man. They are now up on murder charges.

The three 14-year-olds and one …

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