2017: Alt Right Year in Review

With the coming of a new year it is incumbent to review the year that has passed. Did pro-white Christians in particular, and the Alt Right in general, succeed or fail in 2017? Below are some of the most significant things that affected our movement this year.

Installing an “America First” president

With the passage of time and the hubbub of current events, it’s easy now to forget the significance of Donald Trump’s victory 13 months ago. Beginning with the general campaign season, the Left started slinging accusations about Russians hacking into the U.S. electoral system’s computers, and using social media to push Trump across the finish line. Keith Olbermann and others on the Left were calling for the then-president-elect’s victory to be nullified, and for Hillary Clinton to assume the White House. On January 20 of this year, however, the Left’s best efforts were laid waste as Trump was sworn into office and we had a joyous, if brief, victory celebration in the hopes of Making America Great Again.

Pushing back against U.S. war in Syria

When President Trump decided to act the neocon this April and lobbed missiles into Syria — a nation that we were not …

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