“Absolutely Insane”: Police Make Daring Arrest After Bizarre Airport Incident Caught On Tape

Law enforcement addressing the strange freeway incident; it took four agencies to locate the suspect.

An enraged and possibly disturbed man caused quite the scene in northern Virginia near Washington Dulles International Airport, just outside of Washington D.C. Initially, a crash involving three cars made the driver so upset that he got out of his truck, being a distraction and a roadblock that caused other vehicles on the freeway to crash. The incident took place on Route 28 heading southbound “near Frying Pan Road at 3:30 p.m.” on Tuesday.

The man has not been identified by law enforcement, but there is ample video footage of the incident taken by other drivers revealing more of the man than many wanted to see. Circulated videos are offering different perspectives of the man right after he crashed his car into a dump truck on a freeway and became enraged. He jumped out of his vehicle and climbed up to the driver’s window of the dump truck and began hitting the driver a few times.

Holding up traffic further, the man who was shirtless at this point ran off the freeway, and took off his pants on the side of the road, exposing …

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