Abuser Tells Victim “Get Over It”: Decades Discovered As Police Read Astonishing Posts

Gipson (pictured) told the person who he abused for ten years to “get over it.”

When a nightmarish thing happens to us, it is vital that we put the occurrence, no matter how dreadful, behind us. This we all know and accept. However, what rapist Ronnie Lynn Gipson, 45, said to his victim in regards to the crimes that he committed against her for over ten years shows a lack of empathy that is utterly frightful!

According to Breitbart News, the Arkansas offender “told a woman he raped for nearly a decade to ‘get over it’ when she initiated contact on social media in a police sting.” As the contact was made online, the sickening acts were admitted by Gipson as he confessed to molesting the victim from the ages of “three or four to the time she was twelve.”

Even more unsettling is the fact that the rapist would say “Do you want to play?” when it was time for her to be abused, Yahoo News has reported.

The real numbers regarding the kind of abuse that Gipson has confessed to is terrifying.

As Gipson spoke to his victim online, he told her …

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