After they’ve taken down all the statues, what’s next?

Fox News compiled a list of the Confederate Statues that have been removed from around the country. While the list is not complete, it is enough to cause the blood of any Christian Southerner to boil.
You may view the list here:
The most recent outrage, and perhaps the most flagrant thus far, was by Mayor Jim Strickland and the City Council of Memphis, Tennessee.

Of course, the liberal Atlantic magazine lauded the move, and if you have the stomach for it, you can read the full article here:
The article is full of lies and unmitigated hatred against Forrest, the Confederacy, and the South.  Even so, the stench of the unlawful and immoral treachery of city officials cannot be covered up, even by The Atlantic.
I’ll spare you and share some details from the article, so you may forego that unpleasant task.
The article is entitled: “Memphis’s Novel Strategy for Tearing Down Confederate Statues”
I suppose that “Novel” sounds better than illegal and treacherous, which is exactly what it was.
The article begins: 

In a surprise move Wednesday evening, the city sold two parks to a nonprofit corporation that promptly tore down monuments to Nathan Bedford

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