All Accusations of Racism Are False

In a 1989 Easy Chair discussion, R.J. Rushdoony and Otto Scott noted that all sins were being whittled down to one: racism, a concept about which they expressed no small doubt. More than dubious, their critique of this trend revealed a genuine contempt of the concept. Because, as presuppositionalists, they glimpsed the foreign assumptions and anti-Christian ethical system back of this idiom. But even they saw this as through a glass, dimly.

Now, these men were my betters so I do not imagine myself more insightful than they. I’m only living at a period when both the fruit and seed of this tree are more evident. Let us count the ways:

1. The intent of one accused of racism is besides the point.

Yes, because racism is not any particular act like murder, rape, or theft; it was sold to us as a sinful attitude like covetousness or unbelief. Hatred based on race, to be specific. But non-Whites uniformly condemn that idea.

Your Granny McGee may harbor no animosity toward Blacks, but the consensus is her vintage Pickaninny doll collection is nonetheless racist. And any argument to the contrary is seen as only compounding guilt.

Meanwhile, an enterprising Black

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