“Alternative” Lifestyle Teacher Caught With 16-Year-Old As Positive Test Reveals Horrible Truth

Law enforcement is shocked to learn one of their own was a predator.

A Georgia teacher and sheriff deputy is facing serious charges regarding relations he had with a sixteen-year-old boy and previous solicitation of sodomy. Forty-two-year-old Tracy Wayne Crosby was caught soliciting a minor for sex last week, however, further investigations reveal that Crosby may have put the teenager in danger for something even worse than a sexual attack.

Crosby was a respected member of his community until the allegations. He taught criminal justice classes at Ware County High School and worked weekend shifts as a sheriff deputy at the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. His jobs were to keep the community safe and to set an example for his students. However, the man revealed he was not the hero he portrayed.

On November 28, the sixteen-year-old victim who lived in Camden County left his mother’s house “without explanation.” The concerned mother followed the teen where she found him with Crosby at Woodbine Waterfront Park. The teacher apparently lured the teen to the park where they were engaging in sexual relations. The investigation revealed that the sheriff deputy and teen met online and had been communicating since August. Crosby enticed …

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