Amazon’s War on the White Working Class

Our global economy is so deformed that the sons and daughters of the richest civilization in world history are working themselves to the bone on behalf of corporations that think of them as a mere resource. A resource they plan on replacing with cheaper resources, whether human or robotic.

The fact that working conditions in Amazon’s huge “fulfillment centers” are debilitating and tread the thin line between legality and illegality should be an eye-opener for the white majority that thinks big business is always good business.

Take for example the account by an undercover reporter that restrooms in his London Amazon fulfillment center took five minutes to walk to (1/3 of a mile away) and were often out of order — forcing workers to spend even more of their few minutes off to simply relieve themselves.

The smiling faces on Amazon boxes are certainly not human faces. Whether working in a mine in the 1800s, picking fruit as a migrant worker in the 1930s (as did many whites for generations), laying down asphalt in the hot summer sun in the 1950s, or toiling at a fast-food restaurant or “fulfillment center” for ten hours at a time today, human beings simply …

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