America UnMoored: Roy Moore and the Battle for the Soul of America

The initial tally is concluded and according to the figures at hand, Blacks voted in near unanimity (96%) against the Christian candidate Roy Moore and for Doug Jones, who can only be called a secular satanist.

Rather than acknowledge this as conclusive evidence of the apostasy of the Black church, and a profound occasion for sackcloth and ashes, both the GOP leadership and supposed Christian outlets have erupted in perverse glee. I mean, really, the title alone “How #BlackWomen Saved Evangelicalism” is not just an inversion of reality and a spectacle of obscene schadenfreude; it’s overt blasphemy.

Despite two thirds of the White votes going to Moore (a landslide by any measure), half of his White base apparently stayed home. He literally got half the votes as Trump and Sessions in the elections preceding. This means, outside the instances of Soros operatives destroying and discarding validly cast ballots, the totally transparent smear campaign of the culture vultures worked on the White Christian electorate.

Worse than this, though, and no doubt responsible for that abdication in large measure, the enemy-occupied pulpits uniformly broke against Moore too, in favor of Jones. The Christian clerisy somehow concluded that the sudden barrage …

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