Another Border Patrol Agent Attacked By Guatemalan ‘DREAMER’

MISSION, TX (CBS 4 News) – An 18-year-old Guatemalan man attacked a Border Patrol agent Thursday in Mission — snatching the agent’s stun gun during a struggle, according to the criminal complaint against him.

At 3 a.m. Thursday, an aerostat reported “suspected alien traffic” between South Bentsen Palm Drive and Green Road in Mission, according to the criminal complaint. Border Patrol dispatched an agent to investigate.

The agent who responded found 12 to 15 people walking northeast. When they were roughly 20 yards away, the agent turned on his flashlight and told the group not to move.

They ran.

The agent chased the group and grabbed 18-year-old Juan Santiago de Paz by the shoulder, according to the criminal complaint. De Paz refused to obey the agent’s commands and started struggling.

The agent attempted to call for backup, but the struggle had knocked his radio microphone loose, according to the criminal complaint. After he pinned de Paz down, the agent grabbed the microphone and requested help.

De Paz took advantage of the distraction and slipped free, according to the criminal complaint. The agent stunned de Paz with a Taser.

When de Paz didn’t stop struggling, the agent stunned …

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