Appeal for the Cenotaph

In true political fashion, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has changed his publicly stated opinion regarding the transformation of the Alamo site without recognizing previous statements. Recently, Bush granted an interview with Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of Empower Texans, and Quinn posited a number of direct questions to the Commissioner regarding the “Reimagine the Alamo” project.

Bush now states that the intent of the project can be reduced to three goals:

  • Restoration of the Alamo Mission and long barracks
  • Restoration of the original battlefield
  • Creation of a museum and visitors center

Bush repeatedly stated that the focus of the restoration will be on the 1836 battle and the recognition of the brave Texians who gave their lives for the Republic. He also said that he wished to see an end to the “carnival atmosphere” of the shrine, and indicated his desire to work with local businesses and the City of San Antonio to see an end to the peddling of wares so near the site of the massacre.

Bush said that he now supports the Texas Republican Party’s September resolution requesting that the General Land Office commit to financial transparency for the project. Bush went even further and suggested …

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