Arizona Bill Would Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Dec. 20, 2017) – A bill pre-filed in the Arizona House would decriminalize marijuana possession. Passage into law during the 2018 legislative session would take another step toward further nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state.

Rep. Mark Cardenas (D-Phoenix) prefiled House Bill 2014 (HB2014) for the 2018 legislative session. The legislation would eliminate criminal penalties for simple marijuana possession by making any offense “involving an amount of marijuana not possessed for sale having a weight of less than one ounce is subject to a civil penalty of not more than one hundred dollars.”

Additionally, subsequent penalties would also be reduced for serious marijuana possession and distribution if HB2014 were passed.

“I don’t believe [small time marijuana users] should go away to prison and face hefty fines and possibly have their civil rights taken away,” Cardenas said, according to a report. “We shouldn’t have people that are being sentenced to long prison terms for simple possession of marijuana.”

Despite the federal prohibition on marijuana, measures such as HB2014 remain perfectly constitutional, and the feds can do little if anything to stop them in practice.


Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) …

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