Artist Illegal Act: Graphic ‘Work’ Leaves Owner And Residents Furious As Children EXPOSED

Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio has been a vocal opponent to President Trump.

WARNING: Graphic, explicit images.

Manhattan residents woke up on Christmas Eve to a shocking display of feminist art.   A Swedish activist took credit for the work on Instagram taking pride in the snickers and gawking taking place behind her.  Neither the owner or the occupants knew the four-story pink penis would be painted on the building, but liberals don’t care about other people’s feelings or property.

On the lower East Side in New York City on the side a building located at 303 Broome Street, a small team of painters quietly put the mural up in the late hours of the night.  Carolina Falkholt hailed her art as a means to improve the community.  Not having the expenses to complete the set, she still took joy in what she was able to accomplish.

A particularly unseemly sight, the phallic artwork displays a hyper masculine portrayal of the male body.  By exposing children and community members to the grotesque scene she hopes to challenge gender stereotypes and brake general conventions.

This most recent vandalism comes not long after her previous painting of a woman’s vulva …

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