Biased reporting in Brownsville

Valley Morning Star – I am dismayed. We all hear of media biasness, and we have come to expect it from national media sources, be that MSNBC, CNN, ABC or FOX, but somehow we the people expect better when it comes to media outlets close to home.This is not the case in the article written by (Brownsville Herald) staff writer Kaila Contreras which ran on page A6 of the VMS on Dec. 8, 2017. The headline was “Four residents talk about Davis memorial at parks committee meeting.”

I was at that meeting and I spoke.

What I expected to read was a well reasoned article showing both people for and against the removal to a museum of the Jefferson Davis monument.

What I in reality read was a biased article focusing on only four of those who attended and supported removal and destruction of the monument.

In fact the article went into detail presenting the hate filled views of those bent on only destruction, no matter who is insulted or hurt by their actions.

I was entitled to hear how I should feel as a Veteran toward the suggestion that the monument be removed to Veterans Park for safety and that I should feel insulted…

Source: Biased reporting in Brownsville – Valley Morning Star : Letters

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