BREAKING: State Supreme Court Takes Charge, Constitutional Amendment Wins

Justice Mark Cady has reversed Iowa’s ban on guns in courthouses.

There are several places that are almost guaranteed to be gun-free zones. Schools, airports, courthouses, etc. are well-known to be areas that criminals can walk into and never be confronted by citizens bearing guns. As mass shootings become sadly commonplace, several changes are occurring because many are seeing the benefits.

Places that seemed unlikely to relent were courthouses. A building crawling with criminals, angry citizens, and very few armed personnel might seem like a dangerous place to have guns.

On the other hand, perhaps fewer shootings would occur if more people were armed? That seems to be Iowa’s position since, in a huge 2nd Amendment win, their state Supreme Court has now said that private citizens may enter courthouses armed.

Unsurprisingly, liberals are angry about the decision and there will likely be a lot of criticism and argument. Local authorities will weigh in on the complete reversal as well.

In June, the Iowa Supreme Court had ruled the exact opposite and banned any guns in all courthouses. Chief Justice Mark

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